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Property Management

Why should I use a property management company?

We look after your interest.  In keeping your property rented, we screen potential clients thoroughly, inspect the property during the check in and check out process, and perform routine maintenance inspections to keep abreast of the property’s condition and recommend any preventative work that may need to be done to keep expenses to a minimum.

What insurance coverage do I need?

It’s strongly recommended you purchase and maintain complete Owners, Landlord, and Tenants Liability insurance policy and such Fire and Extended Coverage insurance policies on the property in the amount of no less than $500,000.  We also recommend tenants purchase renters insurance as well.

What are the management fees?

Our management fee is 10% of the monthly rent. Each time we place a new tenant in your unit, there will be an additional 10% of the first full months rent charged to your account.

When do you send out net rents to owners?

We send out net rents by the 15th of every month.  We also have direct deposit to expedite the process.  

How do you find your tenants?

We advertise on several websites and potential tenants contact us regarding a unit/units they are interested in.  

How do you handle tenants?

We provide professional and friendly service to tenants.  We believe that clear communication in a timely manner creates a healthy tenant relationship.  

How do you screen tenants?

We run a credit, income, sex offender status, and employer verification check. We also charge a $20.00 application fee for prospective tenants.

How do you handle maintenance issues?

We handle all maintenance issues.  We have a maintenance person for smaller jobs and also have an extensive list of contractors.  Whatever problem arises, we are able to get it taken care of in a timely manner.

Do you do periodic maintenance inspections?

Yes.  We believe periodic inspections are important because it’s also preventative maintenance. We provide periodic maintenance inspections for a nominal fee.  Doing preventative maintenance potentially keeps larger problems at bay and an owner’s costs down.  We would rather be proactive and look for potential problems up front, as opposed to waiting and dealing with larger problems later on.

Do you work with short term rentals?

Our shortest term is 6 months.  We choose to stay away from vacation rentals or anything less than 6 months due to high turnover.  

Buying/Selling Real Estate

How do you determine what my property is worth?

We look at real estate sales in your area as well as area comps.  A recent appraisal also gives a good indicator as to the value of your property.  

Why should I use a realtor?

We provide professional services and protect your interest as we specialize in the home buying process.  Just like any other profession, it’s important to have proper representation to ensure the process is smooth and you’re able to purchase the property at a fair and reasonable price.

What are your fees?

A buyer never pays a commission.  We request a percentage from the seller.  Listing commissions are currently 5% of the selling price.  

How long does it take to sell my property?

As there is no definitive answer, we work diligently to get your property sold as soon as possible.  Based on our track record, we have averaged around 45 - 60 days however previous sales aren’t a guarantee of future results.  

What factors should I consider when looking for a real estate agent?

Buying or selling real estate isn’t a single event, it’s a process.  It’s important that you feel comfortable with the agent you select.  We believe in open communication with timely follow-up and transparency.  We don’t look at buyers or sellers as clients.  Instead, we build relationships with people we partner with.  We have almost 100 years of real estate experience and are familiar with the Oahu market and its neighborhood variances.  You should also look at a realtor’s track record as well as any testimonials and/or references.

What do I need to do in preparation of selling my home?

You’ll want to keep your home neat and clean.  The exterior should be kept up as well.  The better the curb appeal, the more attention your property will receive.  

What do you do to sell my home?

We create a specific marketing plan for your property.  We will get your home advertised on various real estate websites, including the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to create very high visibility.  We will host open houses and have prompt and concise follow-up with any interested parties.  Putting your best interests first, we will firmly negotiate on your behalf to get the best price possible.  

I’m a first time homebuyer, what do I need to take under consideration?

You’ll want to consider your price range, down payment, and settlement costs.  You will want to get a preapproval from a lender who will examine income, savings, credit, and current debt to come up with an approved amount. Knowing what you are qualified to borrow makes the home buying process easier.  

What home improvements have the highest payoff?

Generally, any professional upgrades to kitchens or bathrooms have the largest increase in home value.  Any additions to the home normally increase the home’s value.  An addition can be adding to the square footage (rooms) or exterior, such as a swimming pool.  Also, having your home cleaned, uncluttered, and freshly painted will make it much more attractive to potential buyers.

What are some factors that are important with selling my home?

It’s important to price your house correctly.  The price should be similar to other properties in your neighborhood that are around the same square footage and offer similar amenities.  Keeping your house in good condition is important. Any minor repairs or required upkeep should be done to ensure your house is in the best possible condition.