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When you begin to look for you next home, having an agent is important.  The seller has an agent that exclusively represents their interest.  It’s important that you have an agent that is looking after yours.  

After an initial consultation to discuss your needs and price points, we get right to work.  We conduct an extensive search based on the qualifiers you desire.  After narrowing down the search we meet with you to go over your options and show you the property.  

Once you’ve found a property you like, we put an offer in on your behalf.  Negotiating price can be trying, but we have years of experience in dealing with negotiations.  The seller knows the bottom price they are willing to accept.  Not having representation puts the buyer at price risk because of the potential to overpay for the property.   

We can help you with your financing choices.  It’s important to know the different types of loans as well as which ones carry more risk.  We can provide you with a non-biased opinion regarding your options and we can explain the different types of funding options available to you.